WP Simple Galleries

A simple plugin that adds an image gallery to each post and page. Most gallery plugins seem to be fancy and advanced but sometimes you just want a simple solution to add images to a post or page. I created this to solve that problem. The plugin uses the WordPress image manager, so you can add already uploaded images too a gallery.

You can now upload a number of images and add them all at once.

If you change the size of the thumbnails after uploading images to a gallery, I suggest using Regenerate Thumbnails to regenerate the correct size thumbnails.

Requires WordPress 3.0 and PHP 5.


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53 thoughts on “WP Simple Galleries”

  1. Hey Matt,
    This is by far the best gallery plugin ever… hands down I have used it on more websites than I can count. As a site developer it the ultimate because I can easilly hand the site over to my clients and they can add images until the cows come home… however this one time the plugin is not working.
    I have tried everything from the disable of all plugins to checking out the JS and I’m stuck on stupid.
    Here is my clients site http://maximsfurniture.com/ and under furniture is where I need to add the gallery in the drop downs.
    I can email you my user/pass to look further into it, if you have the time. I have to get this plugin to work because my client is a novice and all other gallery plugin’s are to much of a learning curve for him.
    Help me just this one time and I’ll hit the donation button bigtime a second time 😀

    Thanks in Advance

  2. Congrats a ver good plugin.
    Would like to use it but there is one simple thing I can’t find.
    How do I make rows with the thumbnails. It is just showing me one vertical row.
    Please Help..Thank you

  3. Hello, thank you for this super cool plugin that works well on multi site.
    The problem is, how to describe the descriptions under the gallery?
    Thank you in advance

  4. When creating a gallery within a Page, my photos are being automatically resized to 150 pixels x 150 pixels. And the file name is being appended with “-150×150” (e.g. wp-content/uploads/filename-150×150.jpg)

    Any idea what might be causing this?

  5. Really sorry to bother you again…

    I found out how to edit the thumbnails in WP media, but your plugin doesn’t use the edited thumbnail. Is there a away to get around that?


    1. Hey
      The easiest way is going to be inserting the following CSS into the sites stylesheet:

      #wpsimplegallery {
      text-align: center;

  6. Very nice plug-in save for the fact the captions function does not work. When I try to change %title% to %caption% in the Basic Setting menu — the field defaults to ption% (instead of the whole string command %caption%) as soon as I hit “save.”

    Major bummer.

  7. Hey Matthew,

    Just wanted to say that, this plugin is awesome! So simple to use and looks really good.
    I only have one question about it. I have disabled the option to append the gallery at the bottom of the page and instead, I am using the short code “[wpsgallery]” in the middle of a page to display the gallery. My question is, is there a way to center the gallery on the page? Is this something that needs to be done in CSS?

    Once again awesome plugin, thanks once again.


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