M3Editor – ARMA 3 Map Editor

With lack of a simple editor in ARMA 3 to add map content and needing to start creating new stuff in ARMA 3, I decided to make a 3D Editor to make it easier to aid in map content editing.

The editor supports saving/opening files directly from Windows, it will export map content in multiple formats including ARMA 3’s Terrain Editor.

Download from A3Launcher.

Get the source https://github.com/maca134/m3editor


Here is some code to grab the relative positions for all objects placed.

M3E_fnc_getCenter = {
 private ['_objects', '_asl', '_ax', '_ay', '_az', '_xs', '_xc', '_xz', '_ys', '_yc', '_yz', '_zs', '_zc', '_zz'];
 _objects = [_this, 0, [], [[]]] call BIS_fnc_param;
 _asl = [_this, 1, false, [true]] call BIS_fnc_param;
 _ax = [];
 _ay = [];
 _az = [];
 private ['_position'];
 _position = if (_asl) then {getPosASL _x} else {getPosATL _x};
 _ax pushBack (_position select 0);
 _ay pushBack (_position select 1);
 _az pushBack (_position select 2);
 } foreach _objects;
 _xs = 0;
 _xc = {_xs = _xs + _x; true} count _ax;
 _xz = _xs / _xc;
 _ys = 0;
 _yc = {_ys = _ys + _x; true} count _ay;
 _yz = _ys / _yc;
 _zs = 0;
 _zc = {_zs = _zs + _x; true} count _az;
 _zz = _zs / _zc;
 [_xz, _yz, _zz]
M3E_fnc_getRelPositions = {
 private ['_objects'];
 _objects = [_this, 0, [], [[]]] call BIS_fnc_param;
 _center = [_objects] call M3E_fnc_getCenter;
 _center set [2, 0];
 _arr = [];
 _str = '';
 private ['_relpos'];
 _relpos = [getPos _x, _center] call M3E_fnc_subArr;
 _line = [typeOf _x, _relpos, getDir _x];
 _str = _str + (str _line) + (toString [10]);
 _arr pushBack _line;
 } foreach _objects;
 copyToClipboard _str;
[M3E_insertedObjects] call M3E_fnc_getRelPositions;


Made this HTML/JS tool to convert CFG to SQF the editor can open: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/135243/M3Editor-Cfg2Sqf/convert.htm


Added to GitHub: http://maca134.co.uk/portfolio/m3editor-arma-3-map-editor/

14 thoughts on “M3Editor – ARMA 3 Map Editor”

  1. Hey, do you have an old version on m3editor available? 0.18 crashes after like 20 minutes without fail. I don’t remember this happening on the version that appended “_project” to the filename when you saved. I think I remember getting that version from epochmod.com but the link doesn’t work anymore.

  2. Tried disabling BE but it still crashes. I also dont get the option to unblock the .dll files. Just keeps crashing. Any help?

  3. I’m unable to save a project, I’ve tried saving to clipboard etc…. but it just crashes my game. Suggestions?

  4. Hi, since the steam update i can’t seem to save my projects. I get an error about a .dll file. Where can i find it and what do i do with it?

  5. Your new update, I cant wait to load it. Just something has changed since I installed it last. I put the @m3editor into client, still have the key file on the server, but you have dll folder and another folder. Where do I place them again, or if its changed? Sorry I looked everywhere even the video again. I am not exactly sure where I place them again.


    P.s love your work, you allowed me to do many custom bases. Custom map loading and I want this update.

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