Email Campaign Manager

I created this piece of software so I could have more control over the sending process rather than leaving it up to some else (Eg. mailchimp)

It is very easy to use. When creating a new mailshot, the software will replace all links and image src with ones that point to the system.

Some Features

  • Track views
  • Track clicks
  • Auto-replace images to be downloaded from the software server
  • Online HTML editor and preview
  • View were users are viewing emails
  • View platforms and clients

More information to come!

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2 thoughts on “Email Campaign Manager”

  1. I am a relative beginner at all this but I just put your simple gallery on my site. I like it very much but I don’t know how to change something on it once it’s posted. Can you help or do I need to reload the whole thing? Thanks. Sarah.

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