A3 Launcher

A3 Launcher 3

After DayZ Launcher was released, a few months later ARMA 3 was gain to popularity, as mods were starting to be released. At this point I decided to port DayZ Launcher app and backend over to ARMA 3. A3 Launcher was publicly released a few days later.

The launcher uses the torrent protocol for primary downloads, the idea here was to reduce bandwidth costs and provide an easy method to verify file integrity.

As of Feb 2015, the average usage over the last 30 days is around 850,000 launcher opens and is gaining in popularity.

A PHP backend support both launchers, scanning servers, detecting mods and dealing with pushing that data to the luncher.

Both DayZ Launcher and A3 Launcher have been feature on the FRANKIEonPCin1080p.

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