Old, yes. Classic, definitely.

After reading an article about someone who wrote a simple AI to solve Minesweeper and saw it used image recognition to work out the board, I decided to make a HTML/JS Minesweeper game. I have spent a few hours on it so far and I intend to finish it within the next week or so.Â

Once this is done, I’m intending to write an AI to solve it but through the code so its more efficient.

Here it is, just give it a click:

Its not finished and there is no reset (refresh the page)…

Send an SMS in FuelPHP with Twilio

FuelPHP is a great framework, being developed by some of the CodeIgniter contributes. In this article I will be running through the process of adding a package and setting it up to send SMS’s via Twilio.


  • An instance of FuelPHP.
  • A copy of Fuel-Twilio from GitHub. You can also type php oil package install twilio in shell.


First you will need an account with Twilio. Goto https://www.twilio.com/try-twilio?home-page and register, as you will be sending SMS, you will probably want to add some credit too.

Once you have registered, goto https://www.twilio.com/user/account and make a note of your account sid and auth token, these will need to go into the package config file.

To send an SMS, Twilio requires you to need a valid ‘from’ number. This can either be a ‘Twilio number or a verified number.

  • Twilio number – A number that Twilio provide, these cost $1 a month.
  • Verified number – A number you own that has bee verified be Twilio.

Follow the instructions on Twilio to set one up.

So at this stage you should have an account sid, auth token and a verified from number.


The first thing you need to do is copy fuel/packages/twilio/config/twilio.php to fuel/app/config/ and open it up in your editor.

Enter your account_sid, auth_token and from items.

Once this is done, sending an SMS is really easy:

class Controller_Welcome extends Controller {
	public function action_index() {
		$twilio_response = $sms->create(array(
			'To' => '+441234567890',
			'From' => Config::get('twilio.from'),
			'Body' => 'A sms message',
		$json = json_encode($twilio_response);
		$response = Response::forge($json);
		$response->set_header('Content-Type', 'application/json');
		return $response;	

Next I will be showing you how to generate TwiML to talk to your customers using FuelPHP!

Email Campaign Manager

I created this piece of software so I could have more control over the sending process rather than leaving it up to some else (Eg. mailchimp)

It is very easy to use. When creating a new mailshot, the software will replace all links and image src with ones that point to the system.

Some Features

  • Track views
  • Track clicks
  • Auto-replace images to be downloaded from the software server
  • Online HTML editor and preview
  • View were users are viewing emails
  • View platforms and clients

More information to come!

WP Simple Galleries

A simple plugin that adds an image gallery to each post and page. Most gallery plugins seem to be fancy and advanced but sometimes you just want a simple solution to add images to a post or page. I created this to solve that problem. The plugin uses the WordPress image manager, so you can add already uploaded images too a gallery.

You can now upload a number of images and add them all at once.

If you change the size of the thumbnails after uploading images to a gallery, I suggest using Regenerate Thumbnails to regenerate the correct size thumbnails.

Requires WordPress 3.0 and PHP 5.