DayZ/A3 Launcher Sponsored Listing

DayZ Launcher and A3 Launcher now offer a sponsored listing option. Server owners can donate to get server listing positions at the top of the server list.

How it works, the total amount you donate in a month goes towards how high up the list you are.

Only the top 5 servers will be sponsored, every time the launcher is opened, the system will randomly pick sponsored servers which is weight based on amount paid. So if 10 servers have paid the same amount, every 100 launcher opens, each server will appear 50 times. Once the 5 servers have been picked, they are order based on amount paid per month.

The listing appear like this:Screenshot at 21-05-36


Funds raise from this will go to acquiring more bandwidth and improving the user experience. There is a minimum amount of £10 per server per month.

For A3Launcher listings goto:

And for DayZ Launcher goto:

Here are some stats from both launchers:

DayZ Launcher
Opened in the last 30 days: 1,225,216
Unique users in the last 30 days 105,581
A3 Launcher
Opened in the last 30 days: 267,680
Unique users in the last 30 days 30,344

* Stats collected on 24/07/2015

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