MBCon – ARMA Server RCON Client

After BEC, the rcon tool everyone has grown to depend on was discontinued, I decided to try and write a replacement for it. After a week of messing around with MBCon was created.

MBCon is a C# (.NET) BattlEye RCON client for ARMA 2/3 servers. It uses a simple plugin system to make it easy to extend.

The following are the current plugin list:

  • Console: Simply outputs stuff to a console window.
  • Logger: Logs various BE events to logs.
  • PlayerCheck: Can be used as a “global” bans list or a whitelister, using a file, http request or mysql database.
  • BEFilterMonitor: Watches bans.txt and filters and reloads them when changed.
  • RestartMessage: A simple plugin to do restart messages.
  • ScheduledTasks: Perform BE commands at certain times.
  • SimpleMessages: Sends messages to server at certain intervals.
  • WebLogger: Sends logs to a URL.
  • WebRcon: A very experimental plugin to allow access to a web-based RCON client.

Get the latest version at https://github.com/maca134/MBCon

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