EpoSql – ARMA 3 MySQL DB Replacement

UPDATE: Its out the source is here and you can download the compiled version here

I have been working on a dropin replacement so Epoch can use another db engine, had it working with MySQL + Sqlite.

Currently, the dll is writing all “Epoch Data” to a database, it requires no extra changes to files and uses none of Epoch’s current code.

I have only implemented “SET” so far but it is running side-by-side on a live server. I also added a tool to import a Redis db too.

I am currently writing the “get” parts at the moment and am slowly testing it on a number of busy Epoch servers.

I will update this post as development progresses!

Here are some results of a few test i have done


0.0126999/0.00810089 ms — with/without full logging

Offical Epoch

0.0524994 ms – Offical epoch dll

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